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Agent Spotlight: Jessica Ritchie

This month our spotlight is on our resident marathon runner and adventurer, Jessica Ritchie.  Jessica joined the Great Island Realty team in 2017.  Real estate was a natural career choice for Jessica as her parents were both in the real estate and home building fields. That exposure to the home buying process helped Jessica develop a passion for real estate and an understanding of the importance of professionalism in this industry. “Creating a relationship with my clients is very important to me. Great communication and the ability to have fun together is an key piece of a smooth transaction", says Jessica.

Jessica has a degree in Nutritional Science and has a personal goal to run a race in every state!  She lives in South Eliot, Maine with her fiancé, Justin and their dog, Kramer who she loves taking for trail walks.


Activities:  Travel, food, music and dance

Summer Sports: Paddle Boarding

Winter Sports:  Skiing

Charities/Causes: Animal rescue and anything that helps fight addiction and Alzheimer’s disease.




WOW! This is amazing…

Great Island Realty currently has 39 LISTINGS!

        Of those 39... 19 are ACTIVE LISTINGS

        Of those 39… 20 are UNDER CONTRACT

            OF THE 20 UNDER CONTRACT... 9 went under contract in 7 DAYS ON THE MARKET OR LESS!!!!

       Of those 39… 15 TOWNS are represented... 10 towns still have ACTIVE Great Island Realty listings!!!!

       Of those 39… 21 are SINGLE FAMILY HOMES

       Of those 39… 8 are CONDOS

       Of those 39… 5 are LAND…





What's Happening Around Town

Are you looking for fun events to help you get through the dreary winter months?! Check out these events that are happening around the Portsmouth area!


From "Wine Education" to "Bubble and Jazz Sunday Brunch" there is a whole month full of festivities at the Wentworth by the Sea "Winter Wine Festival", beginning tomorrow!


February 22nd is the "7th Annual Seacoast Winter Brew Fest" hosted by The Gaslight Co. featuring over 30 local and regional breweries!


If Theater is more up your alley, check out upcoming events at The Music Hall: from back-by popular demand screenings of "A Star is Born", to a "Battle of the Ukulele Bands" (April 20th), you are bound to find something that intrigues you!


And if all else fails, you know you can always visit us downtown at the Great Island Realty office @ 40 Pleasant Street.

Stay warm out there!


Spring Real Estate Market

Spring is usually a busier time of year for home sales. There's usually more inventory and buyers on the market. If you are thinking about purchasing or listing a property, this article offers an overview of the Spring market in New Hampshire.

The Impact of Seasons

The Spring tends to be a less hectic time of year for most people. In the Fall months, children start school and families are occupied with adapting. Winter is busy with holiday events. January thru April comes tax season. Only after that do schedules open up for many. As Spring approaches, people are driven by more daylight hours and warmer weather. As a result, Spring is a more active time of year for the real estate market.

More Inventory

Sellers usually believe that their properties present better during the spring and summer and that this will help them achieve a higher sale price. They naturally start cleaning up the exterior of the home as the weather changes and flowers begin to grow. The extended daylight hours also provide additional time for these tasks. The Spring usually brings an influx of homes for sale as a result. This also means more competition, so home owners should think carefully about pricing their homes competitively to ensure a prompt sale. They may want to also simplify the showing process. Buyers will skip ones with cumbersome or limited showing procedures. With the right pricing and viewing procedures, Sellers will make the most of the Spring real estate market.

Level of Competition

Buyers also tend to have more time to spend on their home search during the Spring and like the availability of inventory on the market. It is essential for buyers to stay focused on their criteria rather than trying to view every property for sale. The most desirable properties will go under agreement quickly due to the volume of competing buyers. Buyers who hesitate too long can end up missing out on the property of their dreams.

An Overview Of The Spring Market In New Hampshire

To take advantage of the Spring market, get advice and guidance from a experienced real estate broker. For sellers, it is critical not to price too high or lose momentum. Buyers can remain up to date on newly listed properties with resources from a real estate broker. It is also important for buyers not to lose perspective. 

Yearly Property Checkup and Maintenance Checklist

Autumn's cool temperatures provide a good environment to address your yearly property checkup and maintenance checklist. The change of weather is a helpful reminder to complete any home clean-up projects that you may have been procrastinating on. The following are some tasks not to forget.

Clean Gutters

Autumn leaves appear gorgeous, but when they stay in gutters resulting damages would be not so pretty. The more frequently you clean out your gutters, the easier it will be to keep clean. Furthermore, it may be safer to hire a professional to do this for you.

Power Washing

Pollen and dust may stick on house during the hot and humid months. You may purchase or rent a power washer. Before starting, ensure that you use the right spray power for the surface you are cleaning. Attach the power washer to your hose and spray from one end to the other. Everything will be clean in no time.

Prune Shrubs

Take a look around your yard for any dead limbs that could cause property damage when there is heavy snow or ice. Trim down bushes and shrubs and keep them a distance away from buildings. Wait until late October to cut any spring-flowering plants to avoid removing next spring's flowers.

Prepping the Lawn

Repairing your lawn is a good way to improve your property's value. Fall is a good time to feed and reseed the grass for the coming spring. Before starting, mow your lawn one more time.

Heating Check-up

Schedule an annual check-up for your HVAC system and clean filters. This simple task may boost your furnace's efficiency and reduce utility costs. Annual maintenance can also extend the life of the heating system.

Close Off Leaks

Having your furnace cleaned may save money, but not if warm air is escaping through gaps! Look for drafts near windows and doorways. Re-caulk as necessary to prevent heat from leaking out. For older windows that cannot be caulked, consider buying plastic window coverings sold at your local hardware store.

Clean Out Creosote

You don't want to call the fire department when you first use your chimney this winter. A chimney sweep can take care of creosite buildup. This is also a good opportunity to identify other issues with your chimney and give you a chance to address them so they don't become an expensive repair.

Why You Should Do All of This

Your yearly property checkup and maintenance checklist should not be delayed. They do not strictly improve your home, but they also prevent future damages and, in the end, save you money.

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